Heaven on Earth, Blood over intent and the ability to love.

Heaven on Earth, Blood over intent and the ability to love.

It all seems so amazing. Might look good on paper. The truth is that the mystical powers of write now are something that are blessed upon those who did their hard work for years knowing that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. As you all got caught up in blogging about money leading my people away from heaven on earth having intentions of hidden nature used to manipulate the outcome of events clearly in favor of those who manipulate the matrix trying to cover up their fraud based deception of satanic infestation using the same resource systems that must remain in place in order for the old world order corporate military industrial religious complexes to operate as the lost souls who claim to be board of directors lead the masses who are now victim to the worst kind of spiritual genocide ever in the history of history like you had better snap out of the fog that is clouding your mind making it so you cant SEE THE TRUTH FROM LIES!!!

Just because you tried to force your message on to people dose not mean you have any real form of success. Now many have tried and recently there have been a few problems with outside circles playing games with the main flow of the most important information ever to come to surface of the geocentric world we live in fully proving the flat realm we live in. Those who believe in the globe model as shown by main stream science that is the sickest of evil. The globe has been debunked. I am not asking you. I am telling you. The globe is the lie and has been declared dead!

I will say it again for those who missed it. THE GLOBE IS DEAD!!!

The only future you have on a godless ball is one of decay and death. FACT.

Once upon a time you may have wished for a message like this so here it is. I am sorry it took so long to get it right now but I have been dealing life in general as the world spins out of control towards a situation known as ISFET!!! You might think it is a joke but the work I have done has created more balance in this universe then most of you soulless mother fuckers chasing money instead of your dreams as the monetization of knowledge created a lot of issues as your were warned would but this world is well known for people selling their souls to the devil as you willingly gave up your own children into a system that has been designed to hide your true identity as a soul having a human experience never knowing anything of truth because these channels have been nearly been destroyed with the wars waged still to this day you run the risk of world war 4 as three was waged despite the resistance from the hippies shoving daises into your guns like we know WTF we stand for!


My knowledge has been given for free and much was used to manipulate people just because they have no will of their own to find a way out of hell and have chosen to follow the lies of the establishment teaching evolution of monkies on a spinning ball in a heliocentric universe of total insanity that has confused the population to the point of your world leaders are living off the backs of the slaves who are basically forced into making money trading time for value of paper based fraud that has funded in secrecy the hidden governments operating in the shadows manipulating everything or anything they can to get the outcome in favor of holding power over my people enslaving them into the totalitarian oligarchy satanic agenda that is behind the murder based economy forced onto nations by means of war on your body mind and spirit. You are in so much trouble its not even funny. We are trying to find something worth laughing about but when the reality of how totally screwed the human race is comes to light there is nothing humorous about the fact that your already trapped in hell with only a handful of brave souls speaking out against the corruption that has met its match when my team enters the world scene once again as if we own the stage leaving a trail eh blaze full of wonder for life that builds momentum upon a frequency that landed on my desk in the dark as if it was a spark in the ark of ultimate knowledge opening the star gates to the akashic records now called forth in a deceleration of pure intentions even if we never make a dollar online doing it because I know that these words have a level of empowerment to literally save the entire world from the endless cycle of death!

Lightning then the thunder!

Tesla and Twain the most badass team returns to reclaim our kingdom! You might think we have a bit of an attitude problem its just that this fucking world is ours. Writely so we shall stomp our feet for a bit once the walls come down even if you tried to double cross your own chances of a golden age like wtf were you thinking just wasting time pretending playing games using financial terrorism against entire nations breaking their will to live as survival starves itself to death unable to thrive in a world full of abundance that has been hijacked by the parasites infecting your mind that make you worship false idols such as money to the point of where it has become so out of balance everyone has lost the vision and the reason that any of this even exists the reason you rocked that mother fucker with all the phiyer in your heart trying to lead me into some pyramid based scheme like I get the jist of it now like way too late but that is what happens when you know someone dose not know and say nothing because this is when the forces of evil fester in the darkness trying to knock me out of my position that will never add up to the infinite distance my team has gone to pull off a miracle in the madness of social media clearly causing a lot of issues when it comes to the fact that you cant handle the truth but that never stopped the brave souls here on divine orders of forces from higher dimensions of existence that speak volumes of information some of them a whole lot of garbage that really pissed a lot of important people off but we are not asking and we will take what comes as we walk the wire of pure intention to write something that makes a difference in someones life somewhere knowing that a whole lot of misguided intentions were pushed out of synchronization with intentional trying to scramble further the cluster truck of internet marketing causing a whole lot of people to get caught in the cross fire of a holy war waged against everyone. I have spilled my blood over my intent to manifest heaven on earth and published it to the internet to stand side by side with my blood brothers and blood sisters who seek for the truth of the holy grail at the center of the flat earth plain where eternal life is your gift only if you claim it.







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